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Integrated Financial Management Services

A perfect symphony of professionals, targeted for wealth expansion. 

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Our Integrated Financial Management Services is backed by 28+ Years of Experience

It’s not just about doing anything in the name of integrated financial planning services but carrying out the exact processes necessary for growth.

Why choose The Sharp Financial Group for Integrated Financial Management Services?

  • Stay ahead of curves in the road. Transparent financial reporting? No sweat. Integrated Financial Management Services helps you avoid surprises.
  • No need to bring in additional support; financial advisors are already part of the package.
  • Get seamless retirement planning that becomes truly streamlined in connection to other pieces of your unique financial puzzle.
  • Leverage advisory services that are offered in line with your goals and vision, not just your numbers.
  • Protect your hard work legally, ethically, and safely with tax professionals who work within your overall mission.


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The Sharp Financial Group Integrated Financial Management Services

Offices in Philadelphia, PA; NYC; New Jersey; Jupiter, FL; and Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL

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Mix and Match Services, As You Wish

Investment Advisory

Robot-Free Investment Advisers.


Move over, robots: a registered investment advisor can take a portfolio to the next level. Here’s what you’ll get at The Sharp Financial Group:


  • A registered representative to examine the holes in your investment strategy and fix them permanently.
  • Reassurance that all financial planning services are handled by professionals with a collective century’s worth of experience.
  • Real investment insights that connect strongly to integrated financial management principles. 

Financial planning that ignores the markets isn’t effective. Contact The Sharp Financial Group today for holistic advice from financial planners that get your goals.

Integrated Financial Management Solutions

Business is Personal. Let’s Plan for It. 


Trying to separate the business sphere from the personal just doesn’t make sense when a full legacy spans both worlds. 


  • This is where analysis of your business and personal financial plans join forces to create lasting value. 
  • Personal financial goals are just as important, and they are one of the main drivers of entrepreneurship. Why not protect both aspects? 
  • Trust The Sharp Financial Group to provide integrated financial management services that are deeply connected to your personal and entrepreneurial goals.

Don’t just build the future: build a legacy.

Wealth Management

Consolidated Wealth Management.


Wealth creation is at the core of your legacy’s health. Keep the pulse of your legacy beating strong through consolidated wealth management strategies that handle life’s challenges.


  • Will the market go up, or will you need to make adjustments?
  • What if you wanted to build a charity someday?
  • How can you handle the future needs of loved ones in uncertain times?
  • Does growing your portfolio have to be challenging?

With the right financial planning services, the doors practically open themselves.

Estate Planning

Keeping the Future Golden.


The new golden years aren’t just about your retirement: it’s the legacy you leave behind for the people that matter most. 


  • It’s the reason why tax strategy is more important than ever: why let Uncle Sam have the best of your work?
  • It’s about the right tools to juggle the complexities of the modern estate.
  • Crush future probate concerns while you’re alive. It just makes sense.

Come to The Sharp Financial Group to have all estate planning handled with the sensitivity, care, and respect they deserve.

Retirement Planning

Retirement, Realized.


Self-driving cars, lights that turn off with your voice, and other tech surprises make it clear the future is unexpected. What’s next?


  • Why not a retirement plan that thinks beyond the golf course?
  • How about tax planners that can work with you to add more feathers to your nest egg instead of your tax bill? 
  • Why not explore retirement that covers your family’s needs, too?

The road to retirement has enough twists and turns. Get professional retirement planning specialists on your side.

Integrated Financial Management Services That Conquer Any Challenge

Financial growth looking more like a Rubik’s Cube than a ruler? 

 Get professional help today.

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In enterprise value supervised.

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Hands-on Investment Management

Every client at The Sharp Financial Group has a team of tax professionals, financial planners, and strategic accountants on standby to share knowledge, build strategy, and do things in concert with your entire financial vision.

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Success by Design

With proven accounting services, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best. Public accounting in Horsham will convert your financial goals into reality.

Timely reporting.

Financial accounting that ensures your books accurately reflect the health of the company.

Process refinement.

We not only manage your books in the present, but build up your processes so you’re ready for the future as well. Work with accountants in Horsham that can help optimize your business’s accounting practices.

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Integrated Financial Services at Work in Symphony

What does it really mean to pursue Integrated Financial Management Services? In a word: symphony. Imagine all of the services you need for short and long-term growth, working together.

No need to outsource to 10 different people, juggling 10 different pieces of the puzzle. Bring your challenges, goals, and dreams to The Sharp Financial Group, then watch the team use dynamic and Integrated Financial Management Services for all your interests, not just a handful of them.

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Zero-Surprise Tax Strategies

Tax laws change all the time. Keeping up with it is virtually a full-time job these days. The Sharp Financial Group provides zero-surprise tax strategies and planning to not only take the sting out of tax time but keep Uncle Sam from unraveling years of hard work.

Zero surprises. Zero secrets. Zero hassles. Sometimes zero really is a great thing.

Real Financial Pavement for Rocky Roads

The twists and turns of financial roads near and far don’t have to derail your plans.

Why choose The Sharp Financial Group for Integrated Financial Management Services?

  • It’s always easy to get real answers based on real guidelines, not just speculation.
  • Tax professionals work right next to investment advisors for a smoother, more comprehensive plan.
  • The fears of the unknown are smoothed through professionals with expansive and extensive expertise.
  • No question is too small, and no challenge is too big for The Sharp Financial Group to handle.
  • A consolidated team for integrated financial examination reduces the risk of conflicting information.


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