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Sales and Use Tax Services

Refund Review

We will conduct refund studies that seek to identify and recover overpayment of sales and use tax.  This will help to ensure future savings while maximizing compliance and minimizing tax payments.  

Audit Defense

We will provide defense of a position with tax authorities. The audit defense will help identify issues for tax relief as well as any unfair or questionable assessments.  All this with the goal of realizing the lowest possible assessment.  In situations where you have not been collecting sales or use tax or you've created nexus in a jurisdiction or you have changed your method of interstate sales and marketing may require the help of experts to defend your position. 

Nexus Study

We will conduct a study of how and where you do business across jurisdictions.  A report outlining where you have filing requirements  will be provided. Different states have different definitions of what does and does not create nexus, our experts will guide you safely through each to minimize tax exposure. 

Compliance Reviews

We will conduct a review of product or service categories and items sold to determine tax liability and whether you meet nexus requirements.  We will conduct a review of accounts payable to identify possible under accrued use liabilities and prepare estimates of outstanding liabilities by state. Through this process we will also identify opportunities for Voluntary Disclosure programs offered by states to avoid or reduce penalties and bring delinquency into compliance.  We will provide and evaluation of current sales and use tax accrual procedures to provide guidance on improvements to the process.  This will also help to maintain Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 compliance ensuring that records are maintained in reasonable detail to accurately reflect the transactions and disposition of the assets of the issuer.  

Tax Research

In areas where a new product or service is being introduced, we will research and analyze the sales and or use tax treatment of the transaction.  We will develop matrices to allow tracking of the tax and also ensure customer pricing properly assesses the liability associated with the product or service. Also, that sales and use tax is properly accrued for Tangible personal property is required.