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A forward-looking, analytical approach to accounting and tax services

While accounting and tax services have traditionally been focused on historical data, we strongly believe a forward-looking analytical approach is a vital strategic driver of business growth. After years of helping our clients build successful businesses, we know how to provide transparency into the financial state of your business so you can better plan for and anticipate the future.

A full range of services

We start with an initial review of the company’s books and records and then evaluate the policies, procedures and internal controls to ensure the integrity of the financials. This helps our clients build a clear and consistent financial reporting system to make better decisions. This system also provides us with a platform to execute a robust year-round tax management program.

Best-in-class accounting and finance

Best-in-class accounting services and finance functions are paramount to communicating the true value of your business. We make sure that your financials are GAAP-compliant and accurately tell the story of your growth and success. We work with you from the beginning to build finance and accounting functions that will withstand the rigor of lenders, investors and ultimately, third-party buyers.

To this end, we provide assurance services including compilations and reviews to help communicate the results of your business to key stakeholders. As a firm, we take our professional responsibility seriously and receive regular peer reviews from an outside CPA firm, approved by the PICPA (Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants) to ensure we are following AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) guidelines.

On-going tax-planning strategies

Most firms address your income taxes in December and January when it is too late to effectively plan. We focus on managing your tax liability year-round, which better positions you to take advantage of tax planning strategies. If you are the business owner of an S Corporation, C Corporation, Partnership or LLC, you recognize that business and personal tax planning are one and the same. We know this, too: For years, we have been developing strategies to help our clients minimize their liability while also planning for their future.

Sales and Use Tax Services

Whether you are offering products and services over the internet or in-person, intrastate or across state lines, a sales or use tax may or may not be due.  In their zest to collect revenue for growing budgets, states can take an aggressive stance on the amount and type of tax you owe.  It is important to work with experts who understand the details of the state tax laws and can address your tax position to reduce and mitigate future liabilities.  John Ridley, Sales Tax Technical Director heads up our sales and use tax services.  John has over 37 years in the sales and use tax field including 20 years as a state auditor with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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