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Sophisticated family office advisory services to deliver essential insights into your family's financial position.

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Services to Ensure Growth and Stability into Perpetuity

You worked hard for your money. You shouldn’t have to work harder to keep it. Managing your family’s wealth and legacy is a full-time job that requires the expertise of a team of financial professionals. Get help from a family office advisory team you can trust.

Our Family Office Consulting Services

Define Family Vision

Plan for Perpetuity

Running a private family office is different from a simple investment account. Your family office is more than an investment fund; it is a full-service management system that ensures your real estate holdings are maintained, your budget is balanced, and your assets are insured. With a family office, you have your financial future managed for you including:

  • Budgeting

  • Investment Analysis

  • Tax Planning

  • Planned Giving

  • Estate Planning

Create Opportunity

Grow Your Money

Your investments need to be able to adapt with the times if they’re to last for future generations. That’s why we help you identify new opportunities for growth. Some strategies we’ve helped our clients pursue include:

  • High Growth

  • Long-Term Stability

  • Socially Responsible Investing

Promote Transparency

Get Detailed and Timely Reports

Getting a clear picture of your financial position is no easy task. Combing through bills and expenditures, statements and spreadsheets takes time. We handle the documentation for you and present you with comprehensive financial reports to give you a clear picture of:

  • Cash Flow

  • Debt Burden

  • Return on Investment Across All Managers

  • Budget Forecasts

  • Strategic Plan

Plan Giving

Make an Impact

Leaving a legacy means more than money for your children. It also means solidifying your social reputation with good and important deeds. The Sharp Financial Group can help you put your money where it will make the most social impact through tax-saving vehicles such as:

  • Foundations

  • Charitable Lead Trusts

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

  • Donor Advised Funds

Comprehensive Support

Concierge Services

Handling the details to keep your life organized and give you your time back by providing :

  • Vendor Management

  • Property Management

  • Travel and Event Coordination

  • Personal Administrative Support

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Sharp Financial Serves As Your Comprehensive Destination For All Your Financial Needs.

We collaborate closely with you to achieve exceptional results, emphasizing seamless cooperation and the creation of value tailored to your needs.

Integrated Financial Management

Our financial services ensure your family office is taken care of top to bottom. You will work with a team of professionals to ensure that we meet all the needs of any family office:

  • Accounting & Tax Planning

  • Business Strategy Advisory

  • Wealth Management

  • Investment Management Services

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Business & families served by our team
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Years of service & commitment
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Owner-Operator Focused

Our competitors often tout the diversity of their clients’ industries–for-profit, nonprofit, private sector, public sector, small business, private equity. We think you get value by having a financial management team that has one focus: you.

Sharp Financial specializes in helping owner-operators of privately held businesses maximize their potential and grow their wealth. We pride ourselves in our multi-family office services. Your family built your life around your business

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Our Family Office Services in Action

We built a long-term partnership with a client by first addressing their tax and accounting needs, and then further deepening our relationship as the client's business and personal wealth grew. After playing a pivotal role in the successful sale of their business, we continue to manage their family office.

Build Your Family Office for Value

Your family office is more than an investment fund–it ensures a future for your family and your legacy. Why choose Sharp Financial for family office services?

  • Keep more of your money with expert tax planning services that will find you opportunities for savings

  • Consolidate your financial strategy with a family office that coordinates the managers across all the funds in your portfolio

  • Make your money work for you with services to manage all of your assets both financial and physical

  • Gain financial clarity with data-driven insights and streamlined reporting methods

  • Leave behind a legacy with charitable bequests that ensure your and your family’s legacy

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Let's Start a Conversation About Your Financial Future

Whether you’ve started scaling your company, are looking for an exit opportunity, or planning for your family’s financial future, we can help you take the next best step.

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