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Business Advisory to accelerate growth and maximize profitability

We bring together an interdisciplinary team to work with entrepreneurs — creating a vision for success, seeing opportunities and building a reliable, flexible way forward. Whether it’s advice on your day-to-day operations, capital sourcing, or developing a strategic plan to transform your business, The Sharp Financial Group relentlessly pursues the best solutions for you.

A spectrum of consultative services

  • Business advisory services
  • Capital solutions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business transitions
  • Family office services

Developing a strategic plan, together

As an ongoing advisor to you and your business, we provide strategies which are designed to maximize the value of your business. With our expertise and diverse relationships, we are continually researching industries to stay current with best practices and constantly changing regulations. We help you benchmark your business externally so you can measure your success against your peers. This understanding helps your business grow and develop profitably.

Helping clients optimize capital and liquidity

Capital is the fuel for growth, so we will work with you to understand the optimal capital structure to achieve your goals. Whether it’s debt, equity or a combination of both, we will help you analyze the terms and find the source that best supports your success. Using cash flow and budget analysis, we can also develop liquidity strategies that free up the funds for new investments in the business or other purposes.

Structuring transactions to meet specific goals 

Whether buying a business as a growth strategy, or selling one to create liquidity for the owner(s), M&A is a major event that can have a very positive outcome if the process is managed properly. Having executed transactions in the billions of dollars collectively over years for our clients, we have the experience to guide you through this process. Our team will help you source, evaluate and structure the best transaction to meet your objectives and to optimize the corporate and personal value you can derive from it.

Smoothing business transitions

When you begin to conceive of what your business might look like after you leave, the thought can be daunting. If you’re like many business owners, you may be tempted to delay planning for this event. We understand the emotion and sensitivity of this process and work with you to explore and model various options. So when that day comes, you will be confident in the steps you have taken to ensure the transition of ownership is a success. It is important to team with a partner like us; we do not take this moment in the life cycle of your business and your legacy lightly.