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Trajectify Founder Michael Krupit Got Out Of His Comfort Zone To Achieve Success

Getting out of your comfort zone is what Mike Krupit has preached for a long time, because he saw the benefits of doing it himself. Krupit grew up in a small family in the Bronx and education was very important to him and his family. After spending his entire schooling, including his undergraduate degree, in New York, Krupit decided to head west to pursue his graduate degree at Stanford – a long, long way from life in the Bronx. That decision led him to Lockheed Martin, where he received great advice from a former manager that changed his career and introduced him to working for start-up tech companies in Silicon Valley. With Krupit’s background in computer engineering and mathematics, he worked in the early years with companies such as Yahoo and Oracle as they got started. Now, Krupit is the founder of Trajectify, a coaching firm in which Krupit helps the next generation of entrepreneurs get out of their comfort zone.

On the latest Money Matters TV’s segment Growth Stories, Michael Verrill, Vice President of Strategic Development for The Sharp Financial Group and co-host Katie Wenger, of CBRE, recently spoke with Krupit about his growth and journey.