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Unexpected Circumstances Create Opportunities for Unassuming Entrepreneur

As the fourth born child in his family in four years, Luke Kempski said he flew under the radar growing up and considered himself independent at a young age. After an unexpected layoff from his first job as a video producer, Kempski used his independency to create gigs as a freelance videographer and DJ at local restaurants. Then, following his future wife to central Pennsylvania, he lands a job at as the 5th employee at JPL Interactive a burgeoning new company in the expanding video field.  While growing with the company and creating and leading an interactive technology division, he is presented with a second unexpected opportunity; the founder asks him to buy him out and become the new owner. Having never thought of himself as the entrepreneurial type to own a business, he accepts the challenge and steps in as the company’s new President.  Now with more than 16 years in the new role, Kempski discusses the company’s growth, where it is today and what the future looks like.  

On the latest Money Matters TV’s segment Growth Stories, Michael Verrill, Vice President of Strategic Development for The Sharp Financial Group and co-host Rija Beares, Vice President of CBRE, recently spoke with Kempski about his journey to success at JPL.