An Important Independence Day Message From The Sharp Financial Group

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This year, Independence Day is different for many reasons.

Some differences are obvious – smaller crowds, social-distancing guidelines, and face shields being utilized to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the spread of COVID-19. This new normal has affected us all. As a nation, we will persevere and emerge stronger and more resilient from the pandemic. This country was built by the optimism of the American spirit, and no challenge is insurmountable when we work together towards a common goal.

The Declaration of Independence outlined the foundational principles for this country nearly 250 years ago, and today it is obvious that we have not achieved those ideals for every American citizen. This is unacceptable, and silence on racial injustice can no longer be tolerated. Over the past few weeks, a necessary conversation about the failure of a universally shared American experience has increased in urgency and volume. This is what differentiates this year’s July 4th holiday from those which have come before.

This Saturday, take a moment to reflect not just on the majesty of the American experiment – but consider where we have fallen short of creating a society of true equality for all people. We can celebrate the aim of greatness this country’s template has provided our society, and still recognize that we have not achieved that dream for every citizen. The only way we can make progress is through constructive dialogue and a willingness to confront our failures, and take action to do better.

On behalf of The Sharp Financial Group, we wish you and your families not simply a ‘Happy Fourth,’ but a day to consider how we can improve, progress, and make the American dream a reality for every single one of us.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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