The Sharp Financial Group COVID-19 Response Message

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The Sharp Financial Group (“Sharp”) is an integrated financial management firm that has unified business advisory, accounting and tax, mergers and acquisitions, wealth management, family office, and capital sourcing solutions in a way that helps business owners and their families achieve extraordinary things. By recognizing the complex needs of entrepreneurs and business owners, Sharp has built a reputation for providing a holistic combination of highly effective services for clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Founded in 1993, Sharp is headquartered in the Philadelphia area, with offices in New York City and New Jersey.

What does ‘integrated financial management’ mean in a real-world application? Imagine how much better of a chess player you would be if you could make multiple moves at once, rather than simply advancing one piece at a time.

This is the core of our value proposition as a firm – and in the COVID-19 environment we all must navigate personally and professionally, an integrated approach is the only efficient way forward. In times of business uncertainty and economic volatility, one-dimensional services simply cannot position an individual or business for continued success. If you are moving one step at a time in this climate, you will fall behind. You need a partner who has unobstructed views of the landscape and the ability to not only plan for the risks and liabilities, but how best to position for the opportunities presented by this new normal.

Immediately following the arrival of the pandemic, The Sharp Financial Group organized a response team comprised of members from all our internal business segments. We were able to digest the changing legislation in real time, and position our clients ahead of the masses in order to receive EIDL and PPP funding in short-order. Working with our banking partners, we developed proprietary in-house tools and templates that not only provided a blueprint to survive the initial business interruptions, but position our ongoing effort to support our clients in calculating expenses for maximum loan forgiveness and managing cash flow. With our tax expertise, clients are able to focus on the right-sizing and reorganization of their respective business models while we ensure the tax efficiencies and cost savings.

We continue to help our clients evaluate growth opportunities to take advantage of the economic upheaval. Whether exploring new products or services needed in the shadow of COVID-19 or repositioning revenue sources to ensure long term sustainability, our clients depend on us for our forward looking vision and relentless pursuit of success.

When navigating turbulent waters, you need eyes in every direction. The Sharp Financial Group offers clients the ability to focus on their business and personal financial future, while we steer them away from present dangers and towards the opportunity that this environment is providing. The strength of any business lies in its people. We’d like you to meet some of ours and discover what our clients already know – the integrated approach with a strong reliance on planning is the only way to thrive and grow during any period, much less one with such uncertainty.

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